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 International express is express and logistics business between two or more country. At present it including four parts, like Fedex,TNT,UPS,EMS.....and we have special line to worldwide, so we can offer competitive rate at market. It’s door service. They can send the cargo to the door, and help consignee make custom clearance. 
Shenzhen dazhitong international freight co, ltd,. it has 20years’ experience in freight for export and import. At the same time, we are WCA member, so we have over 100 foreign agents all over the world.
Our express service as below:
1.Good rate
2.Pick up from different suppliers 
3.pick up from different city: like Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Hongkong/shanghai/ningbo/zhejiang and so on
5.customs declaration,
7. inspection service
8.Own warehouse free storage in short time
9.Make invoice for customer
10.Feedback in time and tracking in whole journey
Documents Required:
Invoice and packing list( details about seller and buyer, like address, telephone and contact person,besides, details
about goods is also needed, like commodity, unit price, quantity, description and so on.)
Chargeable Weight:
Chargeable weight is the bigger one between gross weight and volumetric weight, volumetric weight is L(cm)*W(cm)*H(cm)/5000 or 1CBM is 200KGS.
Transit time:
Asia: 3 Days   North America: 3 Days   South America: 4 Days   Africa:  4 Days
Europe: 4 Days  Oceania: 4 Days
Extra requirement:
Package: L>120.0cm or 1 carton >70.0KGS, USD50.00/package
Remote charge: USD0.50/KGS*weight*fuel rate, minimum charge is USD35.00
Overvalue charge: USD5.00, value over USD120.00.
Angola: Each shipments can’t be over 300.0KGS
Nigeria: Textile can’t be accept, and each shipment can’t be over 70.0KGS
Tunisia:each shipment can’t be over 40.0KGS, and each package can’t be over 30.0KGS.
Transit time:
Asia:5 Days   North America: 3-5Days  Europe: 5 Days  Oceania:5Days
Extra requirement:
Surcharge: USD7.00/package for bad package or other package(not carton)
Weight: USD7.00/package for weight over 32.0KGS
Length: USD80.00 for L+(W+H)*2>330.0cm
Remote charge: USD0.60/KGS*weight*fuel rate, minimum charge is USD35.00
Other: USD9.00 for goods within battery
       USD7.00 for length>152.0cm or width>76.0cm
Transit time:
Asia: 5 Days   North America: 5 Days   Europe: 5 Days  Oceania: 5 Days
Extra requirement:
Length: USD80.00 for L+(W+H)*2>330.0cm
1 carton is over 68.0KGS, each carton minimum chargeable weight is 68.0KGS
Remote charge: USD0.70/KGS*weight*fuel rate,minimum charge is USD20.00.
Maximum length is 150.0cm(FEDEX-CN) or 270.0cm(FEDEX-HK)
Transit time: 5 Days
Extra requirement:
 Certificate of origin(C/O) is with the shipment for textile
 Origin invoice for middle east
 pallet is needed if the weight is over 68.0KGS, extra USD0.40/KGS for handling charge
 Maximum weight of each carton is 70.0KGS, size is 180.0*150.0*120.0 cm
Remote charge: USD0.40/KGS*weight*fuel rate, minimum charge is USD10.00
Documents required:
 packing list
Chargeable weight:
gross weight or volumetric weight whichever higher, volumetric weight is 1CBM=200.0KGS.
Payment term: T/T, West Union or cash
Pick up good
Confirm the chargeable weight
Make payment
Track shipments
Information needed in the inquiry:
factory address
Destination country
Size of package
Total weight


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