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About air cargo port of destination delivery problems counte
Posted on: 2018-04-13       Clicks:
    In the process of air transport import and export operation, will inevitably encounter the goods fly wrong destination port, delivery problems, bill of lading, etc. Once appear, freight forwarders and cargo should communicate with each other in time, the emergency measures, will loss to a minimum. What remedy that we have to do? Today a few common issues to highlight all discussion!
   First, how to avoid the goods fly wrong destination port?
   1. The booking link
In the process of air actual operation, the first important link in the booking, the port of destination must be clear, to avoid the port of destination. In addition, as far as possible when booking code to use the port of destination, so that both professional and not to confuse. Don't mind, there are a lot of the airport with the same name, such as:


Birmingham (BHM) versus Birmingham (BHX)
Auckland (AKL) vs. Oakland (OAK)
Cologne (ONX) versus cologne (QCO)
Sydney (SYD) vs Sydney (YQY)
Paris (PAR) vs (PRX) in Paris
Moscow (SVO) vs Moscow (NJW)
SAN jose (SJO) vs jose (SJC) vs SAN jose (SJI)
SAN diego (SCL) vs Santiago namely, SAN diego (SAN) vs (SCU)
2. The customs clearance link
In the customs declaration, customs declaration on to display to country and also refer to the port of shipment. To do confirm to countries and refers to the delivery port is correct, to avoid the goods fly wrong destination port. Such as found on the declaration form to country, refers to the delivery port customs clearance error, to confirm and modify it in time.
3. The waybill confirmation
When confirm the waybill contents, must pay attention to the three characters code to check the consignee information and port of destination is consistent with the actual needs, to the port of destination. This link error carefully proofread can also avoid the port of destination, the port of destination the position of the intermediate code.
In general air freight after the goods arrive at the port of destination airport, airlines will according to the master list of consignee information, send cargo arrival notice to the consignee, notify the consignee of goods to information, and let the consignee to arrange customs clearance in time delivery. In this part, the main information is particularly important. Correct full company name, address, telephone, contact person and a series of information needs to be displayed in the main list, so that airlines can accurate and timely contact to the consignee.
Today to summarize several about air cargo port of destination delivery of question and answer, again to help you consolidate relevant knowledge.
There is no air freight bill of lading, the consignee can pick up the goods?
First of all we want to have a clear understanding of air waybill, air waybill and the role of the Marine bill of lading is completely different, it is not all of the real right certificate. So there is no air freight bill of lading, the customer with the arrival of the notice and can prove that the consignee is the main single yes the consignee is, you can pick up the goods
After the air freight to the port of destination airport general can pick up the goods?
Under normal circumstances, the goods to the port of destination airport, airlines will according to the consignee on the bill of lading information, contact the consignee and inform the delivery time. Customs clearance rear end can pick up the goods.
In the process, involves the discharge from the plane, airline ground agent tally, waiting for the customer and customs clearance. This series of operation will take time. Need according to the different national policy and ground agent tally the speed of the factors such as the time to pick up the goods.
The goods to the port of destination airport, don't pick up the goods will be what kind of consequences?
After the goods to the port of destination, within a certain time if there is no one to pick up the goods, the different customs of goods will take different measures. In some countries the customs will destroy them; Some countries customs will ask the way back, but will return expenses for warehouse with the goods leave the port of destination.
If going to jettison the consignee, need to provide jettison statement to airlines, abandon cargo handling and storage charges at the port of destination, etc., are paid by the consignee or consignor.
Online query the bill of lading has already reached the port of destination, but has not yet received delivery notice?
First to the port of destination and the airline to confirm, are the air cargo arrival destination port. Some may be the port of destination before airlines could notify the customer pick up the goods, the consignee can call the airlines to help our query.
Pick up the goods found the goods damage when how to solve?
Appear this kind of circumstance, the consignee or ground to look for the airlines agent provide proof that the goods is not normal, need to write clear cargo damage condition, quantity, and other issues, and gives a reasonable explanation and the corresponding compensation scheme. Generally in international transport, airlines provide after showing abnormal goods, the consignee can carry off the goods first, then claim compensation from the port of destination.
Unfortunately after fly wrong destination port?


1. Time to remedy in a timely manner to change the port of destination
Found that air cargo fly after the wrong destination port, the first to analyze what went wrong, and find out some countermeasures to solve the problem. In general, according to the awb first, from the shipping company web site inquires the this ticket cargo departure date, have confirmed the transfer. According to check the information, then combined with the cargo transport routes, to develop a feasible plan, through send CCA to adjust course, to get the ticket goods shipped to the correct destination.
For example: a ticket air cargo should fly to BNE, but actual operation to SYD, an error in the port of destination, after confirm the goods have been to SYD query. Then you need to contact shipping company, negotiate to change the port of destination, and send the CCA, requirements or shipping company from SYD diverted BNE card class goods can be shipped to the final destination.
2. The very choice: return or abandon shipment
If air cargo fly wrong destination port, after a short period of time without properly handle solution, considering the goods stored in the local airport warehouse for a long time, will produce high storage costs, generally will negotiate do return or abandon cargo processing. If the value of goods is higher, can arrange the return to the place; If the value is low, can consider to do abandon cargo processing.


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