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0 risk of air export that I'll choose dazhitong
Posted on: 2016-03-24       Clicks:
I am a Chinese American perennial life in the United States, has always been to do the mechanical equipment business, wanted to start at the beginning, for the development of customers, the domestic market in 2011, I have a friend of the United States, is a car factory, need a group of automobile coating equipment, but in overseas let him difficult to find satisfactory products, so he asked if I could let me provide products to him, he felt that my product is in line with his request, this is the first overseas orders for me, but also to give him as soon as possible, I attach great importance to this, after all this may be the first step I open the overseas market the accident happened, our company to friends required products produced, but can not find a suitable transportation company, coating equipment is long relatively wide, the volume is relatively large, a lot of International Space Export companies do not, so I choose to go by sea, but I know the shipping speed is relatively slow, not a short time to the United States, and later by a mobile phone a friend, a friend told me that the dazhitong logistics is designed to do the North American air import and export company, his goods go dazhitong cargo has been a long time, Hongkong direct, fast, good service, very professional. What he said, I am overjoyed, according to friends of the web site on the Internet first know about the direct online consult, immediately went to the dazhitong air export online address to dazhitong logistics company. Dazhitong logistics understand my situation, I recommend the Hongkong direct flights to the United States, air line aging fast, the price is cheap, but also overseas customs clearance, door to door service advantages, I see it Lines can be solved with my current situation, so I entrusted dazhitong logistics cargo export company operation. Right now, dazhitong logistics immediately arrange for help booking, flight schedule. Soon my goods to the United States, help me to deliver the goods in the company of friends, in order to save under the a lot of things.


The successful experience of the first single, I directly to the business market to overseas, in 2012 the establishment of the United States and Canada overseas business department, overseas business department. The company's overseas market development, business grow with each passing day, workload increases, some things will not attend, fortunately I chose dazhitong cargo import logistics let me in the transport and export company, this one less a heart operation, dazhitong logistics provides 24 hours all day long service, door to door clearance one hand tracking service, overseas agent customs clearance service, there is no need for me to do anything! There are dazhitong logistics so professional team and service, I doubt the company's freight assigned to dazhitong logistics cargo import and export company, I believe it is the best choice to deliver the goods to dazhitong logistics!
Air cargo to the United States, and only need one of your phone, the provision of goods, dazhitong international cargo according to the information you provide to you arrange a most suitable for import and export channels, for you to save money, worry, for you to provide high-quality international freight forwarding services. 24 hours service hotline 400-0755-028.


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