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Year after year, the Lantern Festival together make yuanxiao
Posted on: 2019-03-04       Clicks:
      The origin of the Lantern FestivalThe Lantern Festival, also called the Lantern Festival evening, in the first month, yuan or the Lantern Festival, is the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar days.

     Lantern Festival, as early as 2000 years ago in the western han dynasty, lantern watching lanterns began in the period of Ming emperor of the eastern han dynasty, the Ming emperor advocate Buddhism, heard that Buddhism has a view on the fifteenth day monk Buddha sarira, worship Buddha light, ordered this one night in the palace and the temple worship Buddha light, make the cremation of the subaltern hanging lamp.After this buddhist ritual festivals gradually formed folk grand festival.It experienced from palace to folk, from central plains to the development process of the country.

       The custom of the Lantern Festival

     Yuanxiao is:The fifteenth day of the first to eat yuanxiao, is has a long time of customs in China, the practice of its ingredients flavors, but on behalf of the meaning of the same, represents the reunion HeHeMeiMei.Although different between the north and the south, the south of tangyuan is smooth, while the northern yuanxiao is rolled out bite strength, do, the taste is different also, which one do you prefer?

        Make lanterns:"Lantern Festival" in folk custom hanging lamp, lamp, lamp light, also called the Lantern Festival.The lanterns custom, began in the western han dynasty, prosperity in the sui and tang dynasties.After the sui and tang dynasties, the lights of the prevailing wind and lineage spread in later ages, and the fifteenth day of the first, it is the climax of the annual make lanterns fireworks, so also called the Lantern Festival "Lantern Festival".

      Lanterns on the fifteenth day of the arrival before, streets, flowers everywhere, light flickering, the culmination of the fifteenth day of the night.On the fifteenth day of the night, the streets, red light hanging high, palace lantern, animal head lamp, regimes, flower lamp, lamp birds and so on.

         Guess riddles:From ancient times began circulating characteristics of the Lantern Festival activities.On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, traditional folk will hang lantern, fireworks, and then someone just write riddles on piece of paper and stick on coloured lights for people to guess.Because riddle can enlighten wisdom and cater to the festival atmosphere, so the response of so many people, and then quiz gradually become indispensable to the Lantern Festival.

         Dragon and lion dance:Dragon dance, lion dance is excellent folk art in China, during the Lantern Festival or celebration rally, folk dragon dance, lion dance to entertain.This custom originated in The Three Kingdoms period, has been one thousand years of history.

            Lantern FestivalAccording to Chinese tradition, the fifteenth day of the first, the year is finished, farming preparation work for the New Year, is about to begin.On the occasion of the arrival of the annual Lantern Festival, shenzhen kilter international freight agency co., LTD all staff, to new and old customers as well as the concern and support our friends from all walks of life, the Lantern Festival's greetings!Best wishes to you and your family a happy holiday health work smoothly.

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